Our Work

The CRICKET Center is comprised of all partnering agencies in Worcester County who investigate and prosecute child abuse as well as medical and mental health professionals who work towards protecting abused children.


Worcester County Sheriff’s office provides support during the investigative and prosecutorial process. Investigations are conducted jointly with child protective services workers and law enforcement officers assisting one another. The


Atlantic General Hospital provides medical intervention. The Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) nurse examines the child victim for signs of sexual abuse and other untreated medical conditions. SAFE nurses are specially trained to examine victims and collect evidence. Medical exams are provided at no charge to families.

Life Crisis Center, Inc. provides mental health intervention and advocacy to child victims and non-offending family members. Providers are specially trained in trauma-based therapy to offer specialized treatment for abused children.

Worcester County Department of Social Services, child protective services unit provides support for child victims and families through the investigative process. The forensic interview is conducted one-on-one in a neutral setting that is sensitive to the needs of the child. The interview allows the children to explain what happened in their own words. Members of the multidisciplinary team view the interview live from another location in the CAC.


Worcester County State’s Attorneys Office partners with the multidisciplinary team and prosecutes offenders when the evidence warrants.

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